Registration and Student Affairs 

The Registration Division carries out all work related to the registration and reception of students enrolled in the college, following up on the completion of their transactions and books issued by the higher authorities in transportation and hosting, confirming the validity of the issuance of students’ documents, following up on students’ absences, and issuing all certificates and graduation documents for college students. 

Registration tasks 

1- Registering students and starting them in the college. 

2- Complete the students’ files. 

3- Follow-up absences. 

4- The Registration Division completes the transactions of transferring students to and from the universities of Iraq in accordance with the controls and instructions for the transfer, following up the transfer and hosting books from one college to another. 

5- Follow-up of graduates and completion of graduation students’ documents. 

6- Preliminary and final audit of the issuance of documents. 

7- Completing the examination positions of students and sending them to the university presidency. 

8- Issuing administrative orders for students. 

9- Archiving student information and entering it into students’ information within  a CD in computers. 

10- Follow-up the affairs of students admitted to the college, noting the uniform, and completing their transactions as soon as possible, as well as issuing administrative orders for students’ absences and for all academic levels. 

11. Photocopy official books and follow up external and internal mail. And printing official books. 

12- Making statistics for students and for all stages according to gender, governorates and all academic stages.