The basic sciences branch is one of the supporting scientific branches in the faculties of dentistry. The branch was established at the Faculty of Dentistry / University of Qadisiyah in 2013 and this branch specializes in teaching subjects in various basic sciences in order to build a solid scientific base for college students. Where various scientific subjects are taught in the branch, including medical chemistry, medical physics, medical biology, human rights and Arabic language for the first stage. Biochemistry, general histology and physiology for the second stage, and microbiology and pharmacology for the third stage.

Branch Vision:

The vision of the branch is in line with the vision of the College of Dentistry, which aims to strengthen and support the basic base of students by preparing qualified human cadres capable of carrying out their duties with high efficiency to cover the needs of the labor market in the fields of dental specialization.

Branch Mission:

The basic sciences branch represents the basic building block for students of the Faculty of Dentistry, as it is relied upon to enable the student to study and understand the various basic medical sciences in which the branch is interested and falls within its tasks.

Branch Objectives:

The branch aims to establish a solid scientific base that qualifies students of the Faculty of Dentistry to receive and consolidate the necessary basic sciences that complement the specialized medical sciences, and this is done through:

1. Delivering the student’s knowledge to a degree of possibility so that he can link the different sciences to each other in the service of medical and health sciences.

2. Keeping pace with scientific and technological progress in the use of the latest medical techniques in conducting analytical examinations and tests.

3. Aspiration to establish scientific links locally and internationally between college students, universities and other health institutions.

4. Work on the application of quality standards at the scientific and administrative levels.